World Series (Big Boss Ross)

Well, there we have it! Ryan Howard, the multi-gazilion dollar player, staring at a beautifully breaking Brian Wilson delivery. Strike three. Outside corner at the knees. Your out!
At $45,454, oh and 55 cents, PER at bat (he had 550 total for 2010!), it was a classic example of baseball being, “the great equalizer.”
The other side of that equal sign is the now traveled outfielder, Cody “Big Boss” Ross. Just for comparitive purposes, Ross made $8,476 per at bat (having a total of 525 for 2010). A player not even picked up in our fantasy league and most fans would have said before the NLCS, “Isn’t that Diana’s brother?”
This ball player, born and raised in New Mexico, dreamed of becoming a rodeo clown, because of his father being a professional bull rider. He began his carrer for the Detroit Tigers, becoming their minor-league rookie of the year. From there he went to the Dodgers, then to Cincinatti, and eventually landing, in a trade, to the Marlins.
In late 2010, Ross came over from the beleaguered Marlins in August of this year. The Giants claimed Ross off of waivers, in order to prevent the charging Padres from accomplishing this same task. With Padres center fielder Tony Gwyn Jr. exiting with a season ending injury, it was crucial that San Fran push the dagger into the Friar’s hopes for going to the NLCS. They got Ross, while it then left the pool of center-fielders shy at best for the Padres to choose from.
It proved to be a very sharp move by the SF organization, as Ross was named Most Valuable Player of the NLCS for batting .350 with a .950 slugging percentage. Three of his four post-season homers broke up no-no’s!
If any of you got the chance to see him dial in on Philly pitching like it was batting practice, it was truly something to behold. Ross can be a rather streaky player, but like others of this caliber, when he’s on…he’s freakin’ on! Keep watching this story into the WS. Look for a continued performance from Ross because right now he’s hot, unless, of course his streaky side shows up.

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